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True Mettle Enkindling One’s Best Efforts

True Mettle Enkindling One’s Best Efforts

Vigor and Strength of Spirit or Temperament

The quality and capacity of being determinedly able to meet a challenge and persevere accomplishing the goal under demanding circumstances and in a spirited, resilient way.

It is all about the stuff one is made of and that we know takes a whole village to produce. True Grit!

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The Village PRO Google Plus Community

The Village PRO Google Plus Community

Everything We Need Almost!

We are all on a mission to serve and we wish you’d join us in the PRO community run by professionals and open for everyone!  We’ll help you get the advice and council you seek and the services you need! You have some questions or you are OK right now and want to help others.  List your services and accomplishments and serve helping others and offer your practice as well for folks to subscribe. The Village PRO Community on Google Plus with you and for you in a supportive pitch-free zone.

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