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Virtual Democracy | The People's Commons

Your official Vote and Ballot registered by raising one hand and speaking your choice aloud, demonstrating discretion! Net Ballot the Peoples Democracy.



The Commons

Freedoms, known to people, whom are accepting of the human rights of life, liberty, self development and mutual respect are aware of the imperative necessity to establish a commons, time is now, to act, to communicate visibly, committing our will of food, shelter, clothing and entertainment for all peoples.

The Charter

Humanism is about leaving differences out of the debate, differences which divide us, especially religion, to get on with our mission, to secure folks within their basic human rights everywhere! If we are to be involved, wisely and in acceptance of all others, in tolerance and understanding, let’s begin!


“Choose wisely in tolerance!”

“People acting wisely and acting towards others, as they would have us act for themselves, in their time of need!”



Million Starving

Million Displaced

Billion in Poverty

Virtual Democracy Will Increase the Global Voter Turnout By 50%

Welcome all

The Challenge; Time is, and time is now! The right to vote and to form a commons democratically!

Member Voter Directed

The Challenge; People vote the issues and direct the focus, in the cloud and on the ground in community!

Timely, Relevant and Local

The Challenge; Membership and action set the agendas and propose the vote on today’s issues and jurisdictions!

  • The Peoples Commons Directed 100% 100%
  • Net Ballot Accuracy Guarantee 100% 100%
  • Local Inclusion 100% 100%
  • Power To Move the World 100% 100%

The Results Are Actionable

Out of mutual respect and tolerance, could we call what we do here “Humanism” allowing all into the debate leading to the will, the metrics, the infrastructure and the charter?

May all our efforts be covered with all the energy of all participating and all that watches over them, and may wisdom itself guide us!

Join Net Ballot and Vote | Harm None

We need to shape by vote a better world for the sake of all humanity. This is the problem we face together!

For The Public By The Public

This mission belongs to membership and acts for all! All assets raised remain 100% in the collective and are directed by members by vote, Board, Directorships, and the Chair elected by membership and all missions and projects assigned by membership. The People’s Commons! Imperative, acceptance-actioned in all humanity.

Interested In Voting With Us?

The right to vote and to exercise that right in deciding a controverted question! Enfranchisement your gift to others needing a voice, voting your power. Giving others the right to vote leads us all closer to balance. Everyone’s satisfaction is truly tied to everyone else’s!

active full suffrage and passive full suffrage

What does it mean to you? We believe it means your right to vote (passive) and right to direct the issues and run the office (active). What do you think?