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2017 Yourself!

2017 Yourself!


You Are always Standing In Your Place

One person or their enterprise may attempt anything, respecting self. Be true to yourself understanding we will always return to self in and while we grow.

We begin to discover who we are by testing ourselves as we would and should test others. Knowing a thing and sharing it for correction or adoption with-in the commons is a priceless, generous gift from you. Understanding yourself in all you do is the goal, for in all we do, we will always return to self, to habituations and to learned ways. We grow by self reflection and sharing, seeking relational evidence, intelligibility and cause.

We are all of us found standing exactly where we are, policy has its dictates with who-we-are and the qualities we find in-our-place. We have a policy or not, while we must have one in flux, adaptable and a model learning from itself as intelligent, directly motivated by those policies.

We wish everyone, every company and enterprise, Not-For-Profit or community begin to really share who they really are, for it is ourselves we really always return to! ♥ Peace be with you all now and on this the good quest.

Zazl Enterprise

Ask for what you may need!

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2017 Seeks To Test Time Intelligently By Rationality Of Evidence

2017 Seeks To Test Time Intelligently By Rationality Of Evidence

2017-our-time-presents-a-place-for-ideas Patience and time are powerful together, As friends giving a heart a place to feel, Hear the noise of your voice & intuition, Let it ring out true over others thinking, Be clear, living a life shown good doing, Planting seeds, helping others find shade, Change comes from you, from seeking, The glory in rising never fallen from you, A year over, anew one in the opportunity, Intelligence is to begin again to test time.

Simplicity in exactitude, intelligible reasoned rational statements of factual data.

Do not debate what is right,
demonstrate it.

Patience and time are as the most powerful set of allies, ever witnessed. Warriors are time and patience, certainty and exactness their middle names, lucid purity perceptible become their definition.

Intelligibility of Your Message And Place, Accuracy, Tangibility, Conspicuousness All Lead To Clarity

Unmistakable, articulateness and openness of policies reflect the legibility of the missions purpose. Enterprise and business, marketing statements, services, supply lines and results, palpability of desire, overtness, explicitness might all produce prominence.

Sharing ideas for correction in the commons, we wish you well doing your best, being your best, it is showing.

All our very best in 2017 and beyond, we love your ways.

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AUTO EQ IQ AI …doesn’t anyone like to talk or teach anymore?

AUTO EQ IQ AI …doesn’t anyone like to talk or teach anymore?


Truth and conversation in support of facts.

Power fuels interpretations become powerful and not the truth.

Complicated truths are as versions of themselves within the observers acting from such realizations or rejections, no less as the truth and having its effects.

Emotional Intelligence, some call emotional quotient a test of standardization. Some tested are higher or lower in their scores. Hey on a different day, it would have gone differently and had a greater effect!

Self-Awareness | Self Regulation | Motivation | Empathy | Social Skills

Great, now how does how you feel effect how you’ll act? The harder and faster the decision is, does it get any better? Intelligence is data and the data is minutia needing sorting out. We can help you sort the data without the stress of corporate or finance or management or production affecting the long term rightful decisions.

Get straight to your priorities by setting the policies, discover by audit and control by forecasting to get the outcomes you desire.

Since 1996, our firm has developed expertise in development, design, corporate governance, finance, stakeholder co-operatives, infrastructure and maintenance projects – each with a philosophy of humanity distilled into them.

Information | Data

Data is the live fuel of the 21st Century,

Intelligent EQ Balanced Live Analytics, The Engine That Fires It!

You Can Be Right

“Your EQ is the level of your ability to understand other people, what motivates them and how to work cooperatively with them,” says Howard Gardner, the influential Harvard theorist.

Internet Business Guides | Building Bridges

Internet Business Guides | Building Bridges

A Bridge Too Far It will be alright datalive live data enterprising solutions

We step off the bridge smiling or we ask what would make it so?

We get from here to there and arriving we ask is it what we expected is it what we wanted. We associate and gain comfort but may still see our new destinations over new decks we’ll build.

Our course is due to actions and motions, concentrated forces matter. Know the process to achieve your goals and why. Understand the tools necessary and dynamic and not just a comfort. Important is to link  with others, bridges to content and your very visibility in the crossing. We are none of us an island, dependent to each other in place, time is for guidance and the quality of it all, in and of the offerings.

Bridging what really matters with you dynamically.


Zazl Net

Zazl Net

Getting the answers we seek, requires knowing the questions of it!

All the data important to the solution and the goal. How we trap data and analyze it paramount. As a science we ask much of the data ensuring the right answers forming the solutions sought. Questions of data are as complete as the completeness of the data collected and how we query it!

Ask forming your questions well, and trap the data you want adding clarity to your mission. The fullness of the information we seek, found in the wholeness of the data sets we’ll trap and query!

We can help!

It starts with an audit!

It starts with an audit!

zazl.com audit study finance develop maintain

It starts with an audit, one needs to fully understand where they are. One needs to know where they want to go!

More sales! Better customers? Employee Manuals and Guides? Better control systems? Better supply chains? Re-branding or renewal? New offerings or established products? A better web-site and customer contact system? What do you want to establish or rebuild and offer to the market?

Study every aspect of your offering and that of your competition. Design your offering to better you market position.

Everything costs and it does seem we get what we pay for. How do you begin? You want a company that understands your goals and can work with you to achieve them. A company with experience and knowledge, capable and confident.

We can help you discover and create a new priority list to help get you there from here.

Contact administration by private confidential E-Mail for an interview and conversation on how we can help you, audit, design, finance, build and maintain your enterprise missions.


Be Trumpeted Colossal

Be Trumpeted Colossal

Moving forward together is what's behind us!

Nothing resounds like applause. Determinations proven successful, of value and right on time, a final dedication given in continuing possibilities’ beginnings, at your desire.

We are bound by the forces produced by each other!

Be Trumpeted Colossal
…acclaimed and celebrated!
Bound we are to find our successes tied to our value.