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Zazl Personal and Corporate Enterprise Integration Specialists.

Zazl proceess integration services

Partnering is the Beginning, Working Together, the Reward

Zazl Unprecedented Excellency in Delivery of Personal, Private, Community and Corporate Systems & Infrastructure at no-cost Through Our Availability-Payments-Plan Options.

Zazl A Values Culture Company Working with You


The Consortium approach to enterprise focuses on being highly responsive, well-connected and out-in-front of key issues. We are selective about the clients with whom we work.

We focus our energy on progressive clients who value excellence-in-service and see the benefits of a long-term partnering relationship.

Advanced Process Optimization

Zazl will change the way you look at your business and balance operations from power to distribution.

Key Elements

You need a partner who understands the specific challenges you face and while delivering increased operational efficiency and improved profitability.

Operational Efficiency Targets

In close collaboration with selected specialists we offer any combination of disciplines to master even the most complex Private or Public or P3 business situation.


Our facilitators and suppliers are committed to helping companies and communities forecast and profit. To help the community stay ahead, we’re providing a wide array of marketing, networking, training, and business support matrices from the consortia.

Embedding Projects with Gain through Procedural Knowledge

For legal case consultancy and tax advisory for Communities and for Corporate, Private, P3 and community banking matters. Drawing on our partner matrix, a carefully selected network of specialists, dedicated to solutions, garnering complete client satisfaction within the project metrics.

M. Shane David


Erosa Smiles Zazl

M. Shane David founder and Chairman, specializes in strategic business planning, marketing research and product/service development.

Thirty years diverse experience in Senior Management, Training, Regulatory and Operational Requirements

Gary Sweitzer



35 year veteran of the analog and digital graphic design community – web and print visual communications.

Operations and Developments | Risk Mitigation

Leverage successful enterprise wide operations and developments with strategy metrics to profit and come in on budget!


For any project to be effective the structure and the form of the development and its financing metrics models must be balanced and effective. Many new instruments protecting Stakeholder Cooperatives and Joint Venture Agreements exist.

Instruments mastered by Zazl Consortia facilitators that protect the person, the company, the authority, the community and the developers.


We can Help with Your Financing, Design, Build and Maintenance challenges.

Our facilitation delivers on-time and on-budget

We approve projects with turnkey solutions, no fits-and-starts . Projects with a structure and price that is agreeable to all.

Zazl value proposition is maximized project efficiency through experienced facilitators

  • Strategic advisory to people, investors, communities, entrepreneurs, corporations and management
  • Valuation of community and private projects, JVA companies and their transactions; benchmarking reports
  • Design and implementation of strategies, action plans and organizational structures
  • Bonding and Financing Matrices
  • Project Management through the partner groups and facilitators; controller services, cost allocation/segregation analysis
  • Mergers & Acquisitions, sale of companies, succession issues, spin-offs, Stalking horse offers and bids.
  • Post transaction integration, Succession/transition planning
  • Risk aversion, Tax strategy metrics for federal and provincial or state planning
  • Peer to peer reporting on any or all metrics of your business; accounting, distribution, etc.
  • Audited, reviewed and compiled financial statements; overhead analysis and budgeting
  • Multi-State/Province tax consulting

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Our facilitators and suppliers are committed to helping people, brands, companies and communities forecast and profit. Book Your Call with Administration Now

Observation & Review

We will look at your whole house to one specific bridge you need built. A Zazl observation & review assists in assessing a company’s business with-in an industry. This review can range from a high level in-depth evaluation of all or part of the company’s business and organization metrics. Zazl Consortium due diligence reviews and reports focus on process optimization delivering financial performance, operational strengths and goals, and strategic objectives.


Facilitation & Affiliation

The facilitators are an interdisciplinary group of affiliates with expertise in P3s, planning, urban and building design, engineering, legal, finance metrics, accounting, construction, risk aversion, redevelopment, maintenance, public consultations and communications. Zazl Observers co-factor the elements that identify & determine the nature of your enterprise matrix, the consortium you work with in-house and in your supply chains, and all that fixes & conditions your outcome.


Zazl Enterprise Management

Audits, assessments, recovery, rectification, reconciliation, legal case consultancy

“The process of producing, from a tilted or oblique system,
a system from which displacement caused by tilt has been removed.“


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Combined, the team brings significant international experience in many areas. The range of experience includes both private and public clients for many diverse projects.