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AUTO EQ IQ AI …doesn’t anyone like to talk or teach anymore?

AUTO EQ IQ AI …doesn’t anyone like to talk or teach anymore?


Truth and conversation in support of facts.

Power fuels interpretations become powerful and not the truth.

Complicated truths are as versions of themselves within the observers acting from such realizations or rejections, no less as the truth and having its effects.

Emotional Intelligence, some call emotional quotient a test of standardization. Some tested are higher or lower in their scores. Hey on a different day, it would have gone differently and had a greater effect!

Self-Awareness | Self Regulation | Motivation | Empathy | Social Skills

Great, now how does how you feel effect how you’ll act? The harder and faster the decision is, does it get any better? Intelligence is data and the data is minutia needing sorting out. We can help you sort the data without the stress of corporate or finance or management or production affecting the long term rightful decisions.

Get straight to your priorities by setting the policies, discover by audit and control by forecasting to get the outcomes you desire.

Since 1996, our firm has developed expertise in development, design, corporate governance, finance, stakeholder co-operatives, infrastructure and maintenance projects – each with a philosophy of humanity distilled into them.

Information | Data

Data is the live fuel of the 21st Century,

Intelligent EQ Balanced Live Analytics, The Engine That Fires It!

You Can Be Right

“Your EQ is the level of your ability to understand other people, what motivates them and how to work cooperatively with them,” says Howard Gardner, the influential Harvard theorist.

Be Trumpeted Colossal

Be Trumpeted Colossal

Moving forward together is what's behind us!

Nothing resounds like applause. Determinations proven successful, of value and right on time, a final dedication given in continuing possibilities’ beginnings, at your desire.

We are bound by the forces produced by each other!

Be Trumpeted Colossal
…acclaimed and celebrated!
Bound we are to find our successes tied to our value.

Life Is To Create

Life Is To Create

What you will? Free spaces* and support!

If life is to create and you don’t know where to start you may start anywhere. A comfortable space where you feel in control and at ease with those around you is very important to the creative flow.

Space for you from Str8ght Newswire and Zazl

Just ask and we’ll be right with you, let us know where you are and where you want to go. Are you in your place, do you need some help and why? What do you wish for? We can help!

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Finding that which you love!

A love of work and self in place by communicating and interacting with others. What are you interested in locally and internationally? What would you like to see? What do you think of the news and what stories do you think should be investigated?


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What would you build if you could!

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What would you share?

The idea is humanity lives forever with yours Zazl str8ght 808

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