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The Village PRO Private Community

The Village PRO Private Community

Pros in community with you teaching and learning together.  One learns on their own schedule and timetable in a supportive community. If you want social media help only we can help through WEB-Therapy and process optimization help and discoveries through Zazl or the PRO community.



Put your best into all you do.

Building Bridges with You in the PRO Community

Building Bridges with You in the PRO Community

We have started the new PRO Community on Google Plus to help folks realize their missions.  If you don’t know where to start, we’ll freely answer your questions here. If you need special help just send us your questions and we’ll be right with you.

Join the community and lets get started in community. we have a live hangout now if you like as well linked below.

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Joining the Community is Easy Just Click Here


Send us Private Confidential E-Mail to Administration. we’ll try to answer all questions reasonably and quickly.
Google Mobile Hangouts On Air

Google Mobile Hangouts On Air

How Do You Do with Mobile Hangouts On Air?

I recommending folks close all apps running except essential ones, shut down any programs running, and reboot even! One item that catches folks off guard is automatic updates, you’ll want to make sure they are off or set to some later time than your events!
It is best if you are only connected to one hangout or chat at a time from mobile, some have no problems but if you want to make sure, disconnect any other connections. Checking all caches if they are not cleared on the boot can only help as well! Yes and make sure you sent the link to your mobile if you are going out!

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