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*UPDATE January 1, 2016

We are going to continue our pricing until the end of February 2016 and will offer to help by freely answering your questions. Save by our planning, experience, procedural knowledge and grandfather the savings by contract! Enterprise Audits, Hosting and Web-Therapy included!



…we have a special on managed hosting. Folks can pay a reduced price, with extra help for not-for-profits possible after audit. We will work with a price point and plan but most folks can see half our regular price and savings over implemented plans.
Every company has special needs we can often advise on, while we look for small to medium clients who want to investigate remote management of their servers.

Companies often downsizing running 5 or 6+ servers with an IT department who want to investigate their options are welcome.

We can manage and advise large size UNIX/Solaris/Linux/Windows systems administration, IT department, Change management and help with planning.

It starts with a notion and a chat, many have needs in data and IT and many questions. We truly like to optimize stuff and can pass on savings in knowledge, time and cash through our collective.

We especially like to help reasonable community projects get enabled.

Managed Hosting Special

How Do You Plan for Success

How Do You Plan for Success

Planning is everything architects tools


How do you take an idea from the eureka moment to successful implementation? Every good idea needs development and refinement, what are the steps you take?


Many Good Ideas Never See the Light of Day

What is the difference is it access to capital or access to clients? Does it matter who you sell to and how, what is the reason your client is going to buy from you? How do ideas go viral and why?


We can help!


Ask Us Anything Internet Anywhere

Ask Us Anything Internet Anywhere

Zazl  is a full service Internet communications company founded in March of 1996 by M. Shane David to deliver actual Internet/Intranet products and services to corporate clients.

Zazl has established good solid working relationships with a large and very dynamic team of Internet experts.

Expertise in any market is demanding of hard work and  time on the job,  at Zazl our experience delivers quality focused software and applications on time.

Our People can handle any size job from a new company logo to your fully commerce enabled web server or instant Internet .

Our mission through our networked skill set is to provide our client base with  a no nonsense concept to completion service scaled to meet the individual needs of every Person & Corporation we serve.

Thanks for dropping in,  and please feel free to contact us on any Internet, connectivity or network related questions.

Start your on-line business today,  regardless of location,  reseller contractors wanted.


Re-posted from 1998 …how do you want to get there today!