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Ensure Your Business Data Is Secured

Ensure Your Business Data Is Secured


Data forest

What does your Business need to do right now to protect your livelihood, the livelihood of your staff, and your reputation with your clients data and the marketplace.

  • Password management programs ensure all staff members use secure and well-designed passwords for all services.
  • Information on common cyber hacker criminal tricks such as the signs of an email phishing attack, and how to recognize potential Malware and Trojans.
  • Understanding how anti-virus and anti-malware programs on the market work, and which ones are effective and offer real protection you can use.
  • And more.

Don’t become another security statistic!

 Smaller companies are MORE likely to be targeted by hackers | Contact Us!


You Need a Fresh New Website Mobile Friendly and Optimized!

You Need a Fresh New Website Mobile Friendly and Optimized!

WIN & SHARE Great Opportunity Zazl WordPress Site

You need a fresh new website!  Introduction & Basic Integration Guide

We want to help and are running a contest, You need to win a makeover or site migration to WordPress. Follow us and post a comment here. Attend and join our community, you can post there to qualify following the steps after joining.


In the comment please tell us why you need an up-grade to WordPress or why you choose optimization, but let us know your goals. Migration to WordPress or optimization may include new images and content you supply.

If you think someone else should win or know a community association or Not-for-Profit that needs some help….enter for them as well or otherwise share it with them.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time, we wish you all the best.

Contest Open to Almost Everyone on the Internet Anywhere
Contest closes midnight Mountain Time Alberta Canada December 11th

Selection by overwhelming obvious need. We will pick two runner up migrations to WordPress based on pure ugliness to search engines and lack of functionality or mobile design

If you wish to help or otherwise be involved,
maybe we can help more just register and join and state your desire!


Observers, Guides and Integrators Needed

Observers, Guides and Integrators Needed

 Introduction & Basic Integration Guide

Observers, Guides and Integrators Needed

Observers are experienced facilitators in business and WEB-enterprise-wide supply chains and act to help Guides integrate folks in personal coaching and companies and brands navigate their WEB enterprising.

Guides work directly with client and Integrator to facilitate direct change such as content creation, media, social media engagement, art, video, design, code, data, research and analytics and many more disciplines and each genre is given in the broadest sense.

Integrators are those folks who for personal or enterprise considerations want to improve their traction in all things enterprise and web.

If you need some help
or want to help please join the discussion at the following link

…leave us a note on site if you can join us or have question in private!


Social Currency

Social Currency

Zazl Gold Social CurrencyAre you or your company trying to engage trying to find this social currency and maybe even spend some? Do you have a great product or story or do you just want to read and share stuff of interest?

What do you like and talk about everyday? Where do you want to be found?

How do you get beyond the patronizing and find real engagement and integration? Where do you find the best discussions and information exchange. Do you feel engaged and respected on Google Plus or do you feel otherwise?

What do you really like and not-so-much about G+ and the various Communities, Pages and Brands?

Participate in this discussion and add your voice here.

Social currency is a common term that can be understood as the entirety of actual and potential resources which arise from the presence in social networks and communities, may they be digital or offline.

Social currency – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Content and Your Company Media

Content and Your Company Media

You want a clean record that plays2

*“Content Creation is the most important WEB discipline – as it is integrated to human behavior”*

Tech and code will amaze us but not without content.

The number one most important thing is you and the content you will create. Don’t get wrapped up in what your competition is doing, respect it yes. Act by audit of your processes and practices discovering your strengths by observation. Tell your story clearly and in a form you have witnessed engagement in from your target market group.

Please share your questions and comments or contact us for some private freely given advice.


We can help You form the story and present it in a meaningful way to your market. Check Our White Glove Service & Let’s Start
Planning for Marketing ROI in a Values Culture

Planning for Marketing ROI in a Values Culture

blueprint for enterprise zazl.com

The factors driving some of the fastest growing companies include employee satisfaction, communications style, openness, honesty in advertising and transparency! How does your company plan for integration into the new markets of social media, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest?

You have a website and you really know your market but how do you get traction and grow your businesses enterprise brand and personal brands inherent in the matrix of staff and suppliers? You’re good at the relationships your business has and want to grow more.

You can’t do business with folks that you’re not talking to!

We all understand we can’t be friends with someone until you begin a relationship with them, some friendships take time some are faster. We understand folks don’t do business with people and companies they do not know & trust. A dialog must begin with all your potential customers starting the relationship and the discussion.

Where are your customers on-line right now? Where were they yesterday? What exactly do your customers do when they are on-line, what do they look for, how do they have fun?

Zazl revels in the discoveries which will broaden your market bringing attribution, integration and convergence to your effort and bringing about the opportunity to build real relationships with the customers you want.

There is a modal reasoning task at hand in the presence of the brand and the persons, one must define the roles & stance in a campaign within a values based mission and company reflecting what is best for the client and all concerned. Sixty percent of your clients will visit your website and social media site and view your material and offering on tablets, smart phones, i-phones and android devices. How does your company present on your phone?

You have done the work, you are an authority and want some help to optimize the integration plan and get everyone on the same page. It does not have to cost a bunch of money to get started preparing and optimizing.

We can Help. Give us a bell or leave us a note with your question and we will be right with you.

We will expertly answer all your questions. +1 403-630-0371

Good day, may you realize all you want.

Ask Us Anything Internet Anywhere

Ask Us Anything Internet Anywhere

Zazl  is a full service Internet communications company founded in March of 1996 by M. Shane David to deliver actual Internet/Intranet products and services to corporate clients.

Zazl has established good solid working relationships with a large and very dynamic team of Internet experts.

Expertise in any market is demanding of hard work and  time on the job,  at Zazl our experience delivers quality focused software and applications on time.

Our People can handle any size job from a new company logo to your fully commerce enabled web server or instant Internet .

Our mission through our networked skill set is to provide our client base with  a no nonsense concept to completion service scaled to meet the individual needs of every Person & Corporation we serve.

Thanks for dropping in,  and please feel free to contact us on any Internet, connectivity or network related questions.

Start your on-line business today,  regardless of location,  reseller contractors wanted.


Re-posted from 1998 …how do you want to get there today!

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

We catalog your personal or corporate media and communications needs and advise you on how to upgrade it to our standards. The Zazl© techniques are supported by a detailed configuration of consultation and reporting which tracks exactly how each media market goal is performing. When a client is received, we analyze history while we get right to work on your future goals. We make use of a proprietary “knowledge base” of public disclosure, webcast & video,  CEO Interviews, dissemination and media solutions that have affected other clients, in the past.