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2017 Yourself!

2017 Yourself!


You Are always Standing In Your Place

One person or their enterprise may attempt anything, respecting self. Be true to yourself understanding we will always return to self in and while we grow.

We begin to discover who we are by testing ourselves as we would and should test others. Knowing a thing and sharing it for correction or adoption with-in the commons is a priceless, generous gift from you. Understanding yourself in all you do is the goal, for in all we do, we will always return to self, to habituations and to learned ways. We grow by self reflection and sharing, seeking relational evidence, intelligibility and cause.

We are all of us found standing exactly where we are, policy has its dictates with who-we-are and the qualities we find in-our-place. We have a policy or not, while we must have one in flux, adaptable and a model learning from itself as intelligent, directly motivated by those policies.

We wish everyone, every company and enterprise, Not-For-Profit or community begin to really share who they really are, for it is ourselves we really always return to! ♥ Peace be with you all now and on this the good quest.

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True Mettle Enkindling One’s Best Efforts

True Mettle Enkindling One’s Best Efforts

Vigor and Strength of Spirit or Temperament

The quality and capacity of being determinedly able to meet a challenge and persevere accomplishing the goal under demanding circumstances and in a spirited, resilient way.

It is all about the stuff one is made of and that we know takes a whole village to produce. True Grit!

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Believing In Greatness

Believing In Greatness

Knowing why one is to do something or not!

Know what makes one tick?

What are we all collecting? Why? Only one relationship matters at all.
No matter what relationship marketing tells you and that one important relationship is the one you have with yourself! Talk about your truths. You can afford to love yourself without condition.

The real you shining through to those that are looking for so much more than making a living from you!

Once folks start prospecting each other there is no truth!

So don’t sell it, just show it to those you know are buying!

Believe in yourself and tell your story, do not feign affection, add meaningfulness and compassion into the world around you, be yourself and strive to be happy!

You’re doing just fine, on-track, expanding, knowing you need nobodies approval. 😉

Never too late to become that person
..if you need something, you do have to ask for it! 🙂